Monday, October 29, 2012

I think it may be solved.

It was a question of a certain site on my sidebar  that was causing the problem and infecting my blogsite with malware. Perhaps I should say that it is the CTS site so that people know there is a problem with it .I have managed to delete that site from my bloglist.  So we will see tomorrow if that removal does the trick. I have to see irony in this. After all CTS are my most recent publishers..The other agonising spiritual problem is easing too, and I think that the crisis is past, eternal thanks be to our Blessed Mother. The printer problem can only be solved by installing Canon cartridges. I pray for the Oasis to be completely fit for mission by the weekend..The really good news is that my dear computer, 'Yves.' does not have a virus.

Thank you for your prayers, particularly those of Sandy, Dorothy B and Genty

Hope to be back tomorrow, but at what hour of the day I cannot predict..

God bless all here.


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