Saturday, October 27, 2012

Serious problems with printer and computer

As a result I am going to have to shut down until the problems are solved. Added to all this I have been struggling with a deep and particularly personal torment. I beg your patience and your prayers for things to be better. The personal problem is in no way related to my usual blogging preoccupations and has nothing to do with the subjects of recent posts. The techno problems are considerably galling because the blog has been doing so well of late. Thank you for your readership I will do my best to return the Oasis to you, as fit for mission as it has been in the past.

God bless all here and please pray for the Oasis and its steward.



Dorothy B said...

The prayers are continuing. I look forward to the return of your blog when all is sorted out.

God bless.
Dorothy B

Genty said...

A prayer for you every night to Our Blessed Lady continues. She hears, i am sure.

A Catholic Comes Home said...

Thinking of you,and praying.