Sunday, October 14, 2012

Slight earthquake 15 km from Lourdes yesterday morning

The quake registered 3.9 on the Richter scale and affected two local settlements near Lourdes, - Arge-les-Gazost and Arthez d'Asson. No serious damage was done and there were no casualties. A Resident was quoted as saying that such mild quakes are quite frequent in the area. One woman said she had been woken by her house trembling and her bed moving. (From this morning's Sud Ouest newspaper.)


pelerin said...

I had not realised that the Pyrenees was an earthquake area until a few years back when I visited some caves in Lourdes. The guide pointed to a large stalagmite with a severe crack in it and told me (I was the only visitor at the time!) that that had happened during the last earth tremor. 'And when was that' I asked thinking she would say a few hundred years ago. Her answer shocked me - I forget the exact date now but it was not long before! It was then that I learnt that Lourdes experienced several earth tremors a year.

Unlike the Lourdes earth tremor on Sunday the two mini tornados in Marseille and in the Vendee today have caused serious damage in the latter and injuries in the former. I expect you saw the dramatic footage on the French news this evening, Jane. And there were snow scenes in Australia yesterday which apparently was unusual as they are in spring. Extreme weather all round.

Jane said...

No television! Had I known about these otherincidents I would have mentioned them

First frost this morming!

pelerin said...

I don't have French tele but watch the French news on the Internet. Useful to learn of future strikes and demos before planning a visit!

Jane said...


Thanks for the tip. I used to do that but am usually so busy with the Blog, the English speaking catholic Blogosphere and kto for all Vatican events, that I don't think about it these days. I will make time now though and thanks again for reminding me.

pelerin said...

Have just learnt that it is 25 years ago today that the Great Storm struck! Perhaps it is the time of years for dramatic weather.