Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pope Benedict and the 'Eucharistic Springtime' etc.

During his catechesis at this week's General Audience, the Pope affirmed with joy that the Church is experiencing a 'Eucharistic Springtime'. I was very happy to hear him say that, albeit a little surprised. It is natural to want to know how he has come to that conclusion. He gave only one concrete example, namely the Eucharistic Adoration in Hyde Park during his September visit to the UK. Indeed that was a wonderful surprise, but it was a very public event, the success of which must, to a condiderable extent, have been due to the Pope's own presence and the example of his own devotion. I pray that he has many other sources of information which prompted him to make that announcement on Wednesday. If he has, I wish he would tell us. That would really give us all tremendous strength and encouragement.

As it is, we now have another problem because the Osservatore has made a less that prudent editorial decision and leaked from the Seewald book not to be published until Tueseday. One begs forgiveness for saying that with friends like this, Pope Benedict hardly needs enemies. He has plently outside the Church, as is plain. One has to wonder whether these people at OR are deliberate saboteurs out to destroy a potentially great papacy, or are they merely but damagingly incompetent. Either way, enough is enough. Going off to check whether Sandro Magister has said anything about this, so will leave you now.

How refreshing that at yesterday's public Consistory and today's Mass there was not one camera shot of those dreadful fidgeting boys in the Sisine choir. In fact there weren't any shots of the choir at all. Hope this is a new policy. That whole thing is so distracting. They seemed to sing better without the attention of the camera.

The Gabrieli style brass consort from one of the balconies was a stroke of ge(marini)us?

btw, thought I spotted the Triple Tiara dangling again from the Papal window today at the Angelus.

Thank you for your prayers for the priest mentioned in my last Spiritual Mothers post.

In Chrito pro Papa

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
At last I've had a look at your blog. The Consistory and the Mass of Christ The King were beautiful to behold and I loved the brass sextet, which seemed to be playing Gabrieli, though I wasn't sure. I'm optimistic! We are experiencing a springtime in the Church. In my own parish, following concentrated prayer for over a year, we have finally been sent a holy priest who believes in the entire Magisterium and celebrates the liturgy as it's meant to be celebrated.
Love and prayers!
Mary xxxx