Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Temporary removal of 'Protect the Pope' from bloglist

I have had to remove this because P the P has quoted direct from Andrew Brown, and in so doing has made a four letter word appear on the Oasis List. . I will replace the site when the good Deacon posts again with another title.


Watchman said...

Apologies. I tend to post anti-catholic quotes in full to convey the offensive nature. However I didn't think it through, and completely understand that you wouldn't want that word on your site. Actually before I read your post I had amended the 'word' with ** because I found it too offensive myself. Thanks for your support over the past months. Deacon Nick

Jane said...

Dear Deacon Nick,
Thank you for your understanding.
I know you had to do it quickly and didn't have time to imagine that word appearing on the blogs of so many of your supporters. Will put you back on the oasis list tomorrow. Going to bed now. Just so upset by this whole thing, quite aside from journalists whose vocabulary is so limited, crass and vulgar, that they cause this kind of irritation and offence, when we have so much else to think about.

God bless you and thank you for everything you are doing. I will continue to support you in prayer and in every practical way that I can.