Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan 26th Cardinal Kasper statement ref. bp Williamson

This is reported in the French daily La Croix this morning. HE said that W's declarations are inacceptable, stupid and do not reflect the views of the Church in any way. He understands that W's attitudes could cast a shadow over Church relations with Judaisme but is 'convinced' that the dialogue will continue.

Mmmmmm. My initial reaction is that it does not represent a strong enough distancing to reach and quieten the wider media. I can't find it reported in English anywhere yet but will continue looking throughout the day. Why isn't it on the Vat. Youtube channel. At least it wasn't before I found the La Croix item. No point in having the channel if you don't use it when really necessary.

Have emailed Fr Tim and Fr Ray and messaged DT on Facebook.

Will now do precis in English and put up here asap

In Christo pro Papa

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Anonymous said...

This Williamson affair is very disturbing. Que Dieu nous soit en aide.