Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vatican Law

Zenit has today confirmed the information in my last post.


Anglo-Irishman en France said...

Have you seen what is happening in Luxembourg on the question of Euthansia? Constitutional crisis ...

BTW, We are another English Catholic oasis in France (Chavagnes, also in Poitou ...) You ought to come and visit us.

God bless

Jane said...

Thanks so much for contacting me. How did you find my blog?

Yes, I have followed the Luxembourg story and signed a petition a couple of weeks ago in supprot of the Prince or is it Duc? Is there more news today? I haven't spotted any yet.

Would love to meet but don't have a car. Perhaps you will visit us when the Spring makes everything more congenial!

In the meantime do email me at:

In Christo pro Papa