Friday, January 30, 2009

SSPX latest & TAC: Benedict's 'Grand Plan'?

Just a few quick remarks. I shouldn't be surprised if His Holiness and Bp Fellay have already had preliminary consultations on points of concern about the interpretation and implementation of the Council Documents. I said as much somewhere else yesterday. Can't remember where, possibly on Fr Z. As Cardinal Ratzinger was know to be cautious, thorough and possessed of an almost superhuman memory . It would be against character for him to have gone this far with SSPX without being fairly certain of support from its Head. As for his not knowing about Bp. W's attitudes, that suggestions is ridiculous, (see my earlier post 'Trust his Holiness! Pt. 2)

I'm convinced now that Pope Benedict is revealing the next stages of his master plan for the Reform of the Reform. SP was the most important among the earlier ones. The Pope needs traditional priests of sound doctrine, theology and liturgical practice to help him take the plan forward. Membership of both SSPX and TAC are divided. IBP was formed from 5 priests who left it for whatever reason. Bp F sees that it must reunite with the HF or eventully sail into oblivion. Let us pray that TAC will take a leaf out of the good bishop's book.

Members of both SSPX and TAC will self select and some will be lost. Even if only half came home the influx will be huge and our dear Pope will have gained his increased fighting force. Not one, but two equivalents of the Society of Jesus at the first Counter-Reformation. One must also consider the large body of independent Anglo-Catholic clergy and laity in the Anglican Communion, many of whom will be encouraged to cross the Tiber if the TAC rumour proves true and is successful. Many of this group have beeen waiting since SP for a signal like this.

Please forgive any mistakes and typos. In a hurry.

In Christo pro Papa


Confiteor said...


I like the idea of the million rosaries. In effect, it is a prayer for the eventual conversion of the mainstream Church (the "Conciliar" Church -- will Bp Fellay still use that term, I wonder?) to the Faith of our Fathers. I'm already talking up the significance of the SSPX reconciliation to friends in Novus Ordo land. It cannot be ignored, for it is indeed part of a master plan.


P.S. Hope you like the new blog title. No more doubts, maybe a bit of crankiness now and then. :-)

Jane said...

Sorry about my rant on yours just now. Please do explain what's going on and put things right.

God bless

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same things today, Jane. See my Facebook Note (look at my Profile).

Jane said...

Thanks for this soothing of 'the savage breast'. Willl look now.
God bless,

Clare A said...

I think that more than half of the SSPX should come back - being so long in 'exile' can reduce the sense of belonging, but the impetus will be felt right down the ranks. And residual homesickness must have some effect.

Jane said...

Clare, thanks for this.

Went into self-imposed 'retreat' yesterday and didn't come out until after HF's Angelus this noon. I did post on ITSOA for Candlemas because that is entirely spiritual. Also promised Leutgeb a piece about gardening when I can get time to do it; and won Father Clifton's poetry test about the Bard of Dundee.

Will email asap. Have posted on HS several times as part of retreat, strangely, and today's ones there have been the result of it I think. They'll give you anidea of my reaction to the present crisis. And yes, C and I both think it is a v. serious crisis.

Am going to try and post something comforting on Oasis before bed time.

4pm GMT tomorrow on kto Candlemas from Rome with HF

bless you as ever,