Friday, January 16, 2009

Vatican recent news snippets: Accentuate the positive: I.

An item from January 5th, reported by Fr Blake on his Saint Mary Magdalen blog:

BISHOP O'DONOHUE of Lancaster, England, or POD as he affectionaly known, has received another letter from Rome in appreciation of his 'FIT FOR MISSION' document. The first if I remember correctly came from the Ecclesia Dei Commission. This latest 'accolade' is from Ennio CARDINAL ANTONELLI, President of the Pontificum Concilium pro Familia. For non-UK readers, it may be necessary to state that POD's document has been widely seen in 'orthodox' Catholic circles as a refreshingly honest and brave statement of distancing from his largely 'liberal' brother bishops of the English and Welsh Conference, who seem determined to perpetuate the notion that the Faith in England and Wales, both in practice and evangelisation is in good health. POD's appraisal of the status quo faces issues head-on, and is constructive in its criticism. Clearly the Holy See agrees with him and, by that token, not with the apparent consensus of his Conference.

Cardinal Antonelli concludes his letter by assuring Bishop O'Donohue of his 'highest consideration'. I wish I could believe that his phrase is more than the literal translation of a Latin or Italian standard letter-ending. Until the Westminster appointment is finally announced, any bishop known to have done something positively pleasing to the Holy See, becomes the subject of speculation! Unfortunately, however Bishop O'Donohue is nearly at retirement age and is reportedly unwell. Please pray for him.

January 15th Fr Blake reported strong rumours coming from Rome that the AP may not renew indult for Communion in the hand. The Penitentiary is concerned about DESECRATION of the Blessed Sacrament and revealed that it is a sin from which only the Pope can loose. Fr Z, also covered the story with a detailed examination of the Penitentiary's statements about INFREQUENT CONFESSION among the faithful. One wonders what sort of letter +CONRY(Arundel and Brighton) may have received after speaking in a recent interview about the inadvisability of frequent recouse to that Sacrament!

This story increased my hope that the His Holiness has decided to tackle things from the centre, using the various Dicasteries, instead of making gentle and trusting appeals to the bishops, as in the 'Summorum Pontificum' and its accompanying letter.

FR. Z., with characteristic lucidity and incisiveness, has today picked the bones of the DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK)treatment of the AP story. Well worth a read. I made the comment that the media, not only have it in for the Church, but particularly for our present beloved Holy Father. I was therefore most gratified to read LUKE COPPEN of the CATHOLIC HERALD (UK) in DEFENCE OF POPE BENEDICT. Read that too. It will do you good. (see Catholic Herald on line, the Editor's blog) Wish he'd put it in the main body of his paper.

In Christo pro Papa

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