Monday, March 2, 2009

bloggingLOURDES new spiritual bouquet for our Holy Father

LINK IS AT bloggingLOURDES in alphabetical bloglist in sidebar below left.

It begins on April 8th (Wed. of Holy Week)and lasts until Pentecost Sunday. There is however nothing to prevent our registration of Lenten fasts and abstinences, and works of spiritual and corporal spiritual mercy aswe go along.


Prima said...

HI Jane,

What happened to Confiteor? He shut down his blog.

Jane said...

Dear Prima,

I have no idea. My only means of contacting him was through his blog. I noticed on my blog list that the Flagship had been registering the same thing for four days, but just thought that was a Lenten 'retreat' sort of thing. Have just checked and yes it's gone. Did you read that last post? Were there any clues that he might do this? Why not tell the rest of us? It makes the League look decidedly shaky to say the least. What do you think we should do? In the meantime, I'll contact Brian Crowe (Whitesmoke ahoy) and see if he knows anything.

Mane nobiscum, Domine

In Christo pro Papa