Friday, March 20, 2009

Press Complaints Commission: Catholics wake up!

If like me, you are disgusted and sickened to your soul by Jon Snow's treatment of Joanna Bogle on the C4 'interview' posted on Father Tim's blog today; and if you are even more offended by the Times Online cartoon of our most Holy Father wearing a condom on his head with a pin through it, I beg you to complain to the Press Complaints Commission. (link at top of sidebar here) When you get to the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice site, click their sidebar at 'News Flash' and you will reach everything you need to register your protest.

Thanks to Fathers Tim and Ray, and to Mulier Fortis for drawing attention to the 'interview' and to the reasoned defence of the Holy Father on the condom debate which has come from Harvard University. Thanks also to 'Hoka' for alerting me to the Pro Ecclesia details, thus facilitating a quick way to complain.

May Our Lord, His blessed Mother, Saint Joseph and St. Benedict protect Pope Benedict from all his enemises; may the Holy Spirit grant him an abundance of His gifts and fruits; and may St. Michael defend us all in this day of battle.

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