Friday, March 27, 2009

Father Sham: Why the conflicting reports in the South African Press? Why were even his family members given differing information?

From the beginning, it has struck me as inexplicable that one report could have stated there were no wounds on Father's body, and others said there were blood stains in the room in the Presbytery from which he was allegedly abducted. I now learn that he had in fact been stabbed above the eye, but that even his family were not told of this straight away and had to rely on conflicting reports. Why the delay, why the confusion? Who is responsible for the release of correct information to bereaved relatives? Grieving relatives should not have to endure this added cruelty in ordinary circumstances, let alone ones in which violence and murder are suspected.

Of course, if the relatives are not in South Africa one may understand there may have been a problem in establishing their identity and right to be informed. That having been acknowledged it still seems that the management of news about this tragedy, has been, whatever the reason, unsatisfactory, to say the very least.


Fiona said...

Welcome to Africa .....

Jane said...


Thought you'd say that. The post is of course disingenouous, but sincere and heartfelt nonetheless. But you see I'm perhaps even more appalled that the west doesn't say anything. And then of course there's the business of the Dalai Lama and China.

In union of prayer,
God bless,

Tango said...

Father Sham knew us – accused

(The accused has been denied bail after yesterdays court appearance

31 March 2009
(Reported in the Sowetan newspaper today by
Bafana Mahlangu )

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Father Lionel Sham was hit with a knife in the head, tied him up and his face wrapped in tape.

This blood-curling description is contained in a confession made by Philip Velaphi Malgas, 25, charged with Father Sham’s murder. The priest went missing from his Mohlakeng home on Friday, March 7.

Malgas appeared in the Randfontein magistrate’s court yesterday and was denied bail.

Members of the Our Lady of Africa Catholic Church in Mohlakeng on the West Rand broke down in tears when the confession was read out.

Malgas’s 20-year-old friend was killed in an accident in Deneysville in the Free State. The two were travelling in Father Sham’s car, a maroon Toyota Corolla that they are charged with stealing from his home.

The two men are also accused of having stolen a TV set, a DVD player, laptop and computer hard- drive. When caretakers went to Father Sham’ s home on March 8 they discovered a bedroom covered in bloodstains.

In his confession Malgas said: “We knocked on his door and he opened for us because he knew us. We hit him with a knife in the head and he bled. We then tied his hands with tape and wrapped it around his mouth and nose.

“We drove to Deneysville and my accomplice was the driver and we had an accident. There was another person in the car whom we had given a lift. He was also going to Deneysville.”

The court also heard that police had been on the lookout for the missing car. Malgas was found a walking distance from the accident scene and had R1000 on him.

It has also been confirmed that the fingerprints found in Sham’s car matched those of Malgas.

The case was postponed to April 24 for trial.

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Jane said...


I will type this up in a post this afternoon.

Tango said...

Thank you !
May God Bless you !

Newspaper report and some pictures of funeral
has been posted today on blog:

(Blog without fear or favour against crime in South Africa )

Tango said...

I spoke to Father P Mc Cluskey(St. Anthony's parish Priest Randfontein RSA) Tel +27114121232 today.
The court case of late Father Sham was postponed again,but he did not know to what future date.
The Editor of the " Herold Randfontein newspaper tel
+27116933671 was not available today.
I will make sure to follow up again and get the final outcome of this case.
Regards and best wishes to your husband.
God bless