Sunday, March 22, 2009

French Practising Catholics: Poll proves an 11% increase in their loyalty to the Pope and approval of his words and actions

In early October last year Le Figaro published the results of a Poll of French nationals.
(see my post of October 0/8)

The results were based on a sample of 1,004 people.

The second question these people were asked was:
"Are you satisfied with the direction being taken in this Pontificate?"
58% of PRACTISING Catholics answered affirmatively.

The most recent Poll of 600 French Catholics taken by Ifop for 'Le Journal du dimanche' during the furore about the Pope's comments on condoms, is reported today in Dimanche Sud Ouest. That paper states that "The proportio of French Catholics who wish the Pope to depart, has risen to 47% among non-practising Catholics, but drops to 31% among practising Catholics." You will note the negative way in which the information is presented.

Simple arithmetic shows therefore that 69% of practising Catholics now approve of Pope Benedict as opposed to 58% in the earlier Poll. THE 11% INCREASE IN SUPPORT IS GOOD NEWS FOR OUR HOLY FATHER, not bad as the French Sunday paper would have us believe.

I am aware that the first poll sample was about double that of the second, and one has to wonder why. In any case I cannot persuade myself from these figures that the popularity of Pope Benedict has diminished appreciably among practising Catholics because of his remarks about condoms. Of course it wouldn't. They are practising Catholics because they are loyal to the Church's teaching, or put the other way round, as practising Catholics, they are loyal to their Pope because he holds firm to the moral and spritiual teaching of the Church. In the same way it is no surprise that the lapsed are in dissent.

So take courage, 'Be not afraid' and enjoy what remains of Laetare Sunday.
Pray for our Holy Father. May God bless him and bring him safely home.


Father Mark said...

Thank you, dear Jane. I was appalled by the negative spin put on this elsewhere. We have every reason to rejoice, full of gratitude and hope. "God's hand," says the psalm, "is on the man He has chosen."

Jane said...

Thank you, dear Father Mark.

Yes an abundance of reasons for joy, my own being expressed through tears as I type this. I have just watched the Departure Ceromony at Luanda airport. The plane carrying the 'man chosen' has just taken to the skies. May God bring him safely home to Rome in about six and a half hours.