Sunday, April 26, 2009

Benedict in danger: Israel warns Holy See

I had this Google alert early today. The Israeli Security Services have warned the Holy See that the Popemobile will afford insufficient protection to the Holy Father during his imminent trip to the Holy Land, particularly in Nazareth where some Islamist groups have threatened demonstrations and possible attacks on his person.

The Holy See is reported as considering the situation but as yet it seems, noone has suggested a safer alternative to the Popemobile.

The same report admits that Israel is badly prepared to receive the Holy Father. Government funds which were promised for the sites he will visit have not been released.

I'm somewhat astonished that the 'big bloggers' haven't picked up on this, at least not up to ten minutes ago. This is not just a silly rumour as far as I can see.

So what does a poor girl do in these circumstances?
Recommends a double Novena for the safety of Pope Benedict, which she will start tomorrow, and end DV May 15, when he is due to return to the Apostolic Palace.

In Christo pro Papa


gemoftheocean said...

I'm frightened by this report. And that Swine Zero(D-Kenya) had allocated 900 million for freakin' Hamas. [Oh, excuse me, "Palestine."] Oh, well. I'm told Euros, along with idiot liberal Americans "love" "the one."

Fiona said...

Well, that's delightfully reassuring! Like you, I am surprised that no one else has picked up on this one.

All we can do is pray and hope that our Holy Father will be kept from all harm.

As a postscript, once again, I was just wondering if you received my last email. Not because I expect a response but because Telkom seems to be losing my emails to people, even here in SA. *sigh*

Laurence England said...

Northern District Police held a drill on Tuesday ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's scheduled visit to Israel in May.

Some 100 police officers, firefighters and Magen David Adom emergency services personnel took part in the exercise, as Nazareth Mayor Ramiz Jeraisi and representatives from other northern municipalities looked on.

During his visit the pope is expected to hold a public Mass at Nazareth's Mount Precipice, where, according to tradition, a mob pursued Jesus and tried to throw him from a cliff. He is also expected to visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Jordan River and the Church of the Annunciation, also located in Nazareth.

The exercise focused on dealing with a number of possible scenarios, including a fire during the mass at Mount Precipice, an terrorist attempt to reach the site via a glider from the east, an attack using a truck laden with hazardous materials, the detonation of a car bomb near the pope and a terrorist infiltration of the Church of the Annunciation.

Northern District Police chief Shimon Koren said thousands of officers will secure the pope's visit. Meanwhile, an Israeli delegation of police officers and Foreign Ministry officials left for the Vatican Tuesday in order to make the final arrangement for the pope's visit.

Jane said...


Too true. Let me know the date of your last attempted email. Then we may be able to work out what's happening.

Thanks for this info., but it doesn't fill one with confidence, does it?!

Shepherd said...

Remember the third secret of Fatima? Could this visit really be it?
Prayers needed (and some penance). I need to lose some weight anyway.

Jane said...


Yes I remember it; and I am terrified for him. Three days into my first Novena, there has been no further news. And still our fellow bloggers say nothing. None is encouraging extra prayer and penance. Frankly, I am astonished. My husband, who is politically astute told me last night that if Benedict goes to the Holy Land there will be an attempt on his life. He thinks Israeli security has discovered information which makes it imperative that the Holy See be warned and the voyage cancelled.
We stayed up very late talking about it and agreed to pray until the eleventh hour that the trip will not happen unless Israel can guarantee the Holy Father safe pasaage. It seems clear to us that to date no such guarantee can be given.

One can only hope that more is happening behind the scenes than we are allowed to know.

Thanks for your comment.

God bless,
In Christo pro Papa

pelerin said...

As Israel already has a case of swine flu, surely this is going to make the visit doubly dangerous. In a way if there were to be more cases in Israel this danger could be used to cancel the visit. After all even ordinary flu can be dangerous to anyone of the Pope's age.

Jane said...


Thanks. Where did you read this? I've been busy all afternooon writing a long overdue letter to a friend.

I suppose the Vatican has been informed. Even so, think it's a case for another letter to Cardinal Pell and Mgr Ganswein. We still have a few days.

pelerin said...

There are now two confirmed cases of pig flu in Israel according to the BBC. (I have sent you by email the relevant page)

Jane said...

Thank you Pelerin.

I simply don't understand how the Vatican can allow him to take these risks.