Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Website for the Holy Father's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

This site, authored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, is now up and running. (Thanks again to Chris Gillibrand of Catholic Church Conservation for the heads up.) See Link at top of sidebar here. It will remain there until, please God, Pope Benedict arrives safely home at the Apostolic Palace on May 15th.

The site looks really good and there is a link on a yellow sidebar to the Pope's itinerary. There's a Press Room and a Gallery, so look forward to lots of stupendous photographs)and you can bring up pictures of the places our Holy Father will see.

The site is titled "HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE A Bridge for Peace"

The Israeli Government really want this to work don't they!

This has cheered me up enormously.

God bless our beloved Holy Father, and keep him safe.


Fiona said...


Sorry to use this to communicate with you 'off topic' again, but did you get either of my last two emails?

Jane said...

Sorry love, no I didn't. Never worry about getting in touch with me in whatever way you can. 'Off topic' never worries me because the sane amongst us know when it's important to listen and take note. If: pro benoit16@live.com doesn't work , try: jame@mossendew.freeserve.co.uk

I'll try you tomorrow morning.

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