Thursday, April 9, 2009

Birmingham LMS rep. also has blog

Thanks to Anonymous for letting me know about this. Link under LMS on sidebar as usual.

I've just checked the February Mass of Ages. Several of the reps. have email addresses but it appears that Arundel&Brighton and Birminham are 'firsts' in the LMS blogosphere.

If anyone knows differently, please inform me so that I can publicise here.


Mark said...

So too does the Oxford one, Jane. :)

Jane said...

Thanks Mark, Will post on it tomorrow. I'm low on stamina, having had two bouts of flu.

Is this the new Chairman? It's not listed in the February Mass of Ages reps. pages.

God bless for the Sacred Triduum.

Mark said...

Yes, I think this is the new Chairman. Have heard mixed reports about him, but will wait and see.

Sorry you haven't been well... :-(
...I'm worn out from travelling and the beginning of the Triduum if that's any consolation.