Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Latin Mass Society: Arundel & Brighton Rep. launches new blog

The LNS rep. for A & B has a new blog for the Society in her diocese. See Arundel and Brighton in my bloglist.

Wonderful work and may God bless the blog.


pelerin said...

Many thanks for giving this link. I started to write a comment on there on a subject close to my heart but pressed the wrong button and lost it! May try again tomorrow when I am less tired.

Clare A said...

Definitely one to bookmark!!! Annie has done such a great job, it's a beautiful site.

Anonymous said...

Birmingham now has a LMS rep too:

Jane said...

Hello Clare,
Yes isn't it! I liked the lace headgear post. Must find time to comment.

Good, will put it up front here asap. Thanks for the pointer.