Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fr Vincent Twomey in yesterday's Irish Times; and 'Amazing Grace'

"The Taoiseach badly served by his speech writers" http://irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2011/0725/1224301316143.html

Recommmended as essential reading. Quite long but deserving the necessary time and concentration. The good Father has calmed from his initial gut-reaction, given in anger. This piece is reason-able and correctively informative, based on the facts of recent history.

I repeat the hope that the author, a former pupil of the Pope, will have the opportunity to speak with his one-time professor at some point very soon. Nay, I should not be surprised if the Holy Father actually asks for Fr Twomey's opinion, so rightly famous is he for his desire and ability to LISTEN as he searches for the truth and discerns how to act.

'Amazing Grace':
A snippet from a conversation in the Oasis kitchen yesterday afternoon: French radio was playing a particularly unmelliflous, sentimental 'pop' version of the 'hymn'. (This was before I'd followed up the online spat between Michael Voris and Marc Shea on the subject, and certainly the French presenter did not mention it.)
As the banal offering of a quite acceptable tune ground to a close:

Jane: "I think the Holy Father will NOT be having THAT at his next celebration of Mass in St. Peter's!"
Husband Colin, (no sooner than the words were out of my mouth): "But Darling, he IS an amazing grace!"

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