Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Legion of Mary has great potential to restore the Irish church to health.

It certainly has more chance than the Irish Association of Catholic priests, some of whose members would seem to be in favour of a break with Rome. I am encouraged in support of the Legion by what I've read  about the ACP, particularly today at  Protect the  (to name but one of several sites),.but mostly by the UKCatholic Herald's feature about a recently published biography of Frank Duff, the founder of the Legion of Mary. Jack Carrigan reports on this and on his conversation with the book's author, Dr Finula Kennedy a lecturer at University College Dublin. The Legion's apostolate of the laity is a solid ground for hope and therefore a positive note in the present confused and miserable cirumstances.

Read here  and here about the Legion and the Cause for the beatification of the servant of God Frank Duff. The second site is in French but gives contact addresses for the Legion in the US

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shadowlands said...

The Rosary has hepled me more than any other devotion to know Our Lady and also discover my worth in God's eyes, to keep trusting and trying, whatever the seeming hopelessness of a circumstance.

Power, for the powerless!