Thursday, July 7, 2011

George Frederic Handel - 'His Yoke is Easy, His Burden is Light' from "T...

Beloved and Most Holy Father,
Have a peaceful holiday at Castel Gandolfo and some long quiet days to write Part III of 'Jesus of Nazareth'.

With the love, gratitude and prayers of all at the 'Oasis'.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
This is my only way of contacting you. I sent a long email on my return to Rome and sent it again after I received your email. I attached a couple of photos for the blog - I know you would want to post them. Perhaps your email doesn't accept attached photos? Something is wrong somewhere - I posted to both addresses. Been home a week now. So pleased the postcard arrived!
Love and prayers - Mary x


Anonymous said...

May I add my love and gratitude?! Our Holy Father needs a complete rest. Has anyone counted all the pastoral visits and other Masses etc he has undertaken already this year? And as soon as he arrived at Castel Gandolfo he appeared on the front balcony of the apostolic palace to greet and bless the pilgrims gathered there. Now go and rest, dear Holy Father!
Love always - Mary xx

Jane said...

My dear Mary:

So relieved to hear from you. No, my email system is fine. Nobody else seems to have this problem. It's a shame about the photos but can you try sending the email without them and see what happens. I'll have a look at my gmail inbox. In the meantime, we're overdue for another phone call! Any ideas as to a date and time.

With my love and prayers always,
J xxxx x