Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Seal of Confession Campaign: A clarification and an appeal for hat tips where they are due!

If you click the campaign's stole image to the right here, or the one at 'Mulier Fortis', you will be led to the true source of the campaign, namely Caroline McCamley's Saint Genesius blog. In her post 'A call to arms' (Wed 20th July) Mac (Mulier Fortis) states very clearly that it is Caroline whom we should thank, both for the idea and the image. I was originally led to it by Father Gabriel Burke who had put the image on his blog with a note saying that anyone was welcome to use it. The image at Father's blog is also clickable to Caroline's. If you do use it, please make sure to acknowledge her, as Mac has already done, and as I am now belatedly doing.

It may seem a little thing but it's part of the blogger's code of common courtesy and has the added advantage of advertising blogs that are new to us, of strengthening  the Catholic blogosphere, and of making sure that as many bloggers as possible are aware that they are known and welcome members of that cyber community. Further, it is particularly important in this case to note that Caroline and Father Burke  are both Irish. We want to do everything we can to express our solidarity with them and to give the assurance of our prayers, both for them personally, and for the beleaguered Church in their country.  

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Philly said...

Ah, you can see, can't you, what's most important to these campaigners... credit. Well done on another self-indulgent campaign about the wrong thing, just for a little easy credit.