Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why so many disobedient Catholics?

Shame the presenters of the video can't spell. I don't know the provenance of this clip, but I fear that all the problems of the Church today stem from a lack of understanding, or utter denial, of holy obedience. Is the word 'obedience', holy or not, still in the dictionary?

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Ignatius said...

Depends what you mean by obedience. The Latin root is to do with listening, so it could be a process of mutual listening to God by leaders and led. That might be fruitful, but if the hierarchy simply expects adult people to do what they are told by those who have power this will no longer work. Is it in any case a proper model of Christian leadership? The authority of the hierarchy has now been damaged possibly beyond repair. Those who expect blind obedience will have to think again.