Thursday, April 12, 2012

'The Church will not be renewed by dissent': Pope Benedict Maundy Thursday 2012

But she continues to be damaged by it. Longer post tomorrow covering the recent actions and statements of Cardinals Wuerl and Schonborn, plus the unhelpful article , to say the least ,in the Japan Times by the editor of 'The Universe', positing that the Pope has lost his way in his guidance of the Church..  He has not lost HIS way. The faithful are in grave danger of losing theirs unless they wake up and follow their Shepherd.

Added to all that we have the prospect in the next couple of days of movement concerning the SPPX.

I think we have reached a turning point and that history will record that the papacy of Benedict XVI, although it may appear to be a failure in its time, in future years will be seen in quite another light..


umblepie said...

Absolutely right Jane.

John said...

I am certain that it is indeed a great success now! if only we can find people who will work quietly with out wishing to be noticed, avoiding 'big projects'but rather offering themselves as 'simple labourers in the vinyard', then great things will keep happening.