Friday, April 13, 2012

An uncomfortable papal birthday ahead

That is if the SSPX keeps to the expected deadline on Sunday and if the pundits are right that this is the last call.

I simply do not see the Society being willing to regularise via a Prelature. 'Liberal' bishops would have so much influence over its future as to make thatt a suicidal option for the Society. And what would be the point of allowing them back simply to kill them, unless of course you are a liberal bishop! OTOH an Ordinariate would assure them of much greater and directly papal protection. We have seen how essential this has been with the UK Ordiariate. I will continue to pray that an Ordinariate is being pursued as a solution. As so many commenters have pointed out, it is ludicrous that the Society is having to go through this trial and remain officially outside the Church whilst brazenly self declared dissenters who have no regard for the magisterium, or the person and/or authority of the Holy Father remain in 'good standing. Whatever happens, it won't be easy and  I'm afraid that the trouble will be fomented by the so called 'liberal' wing if the Society comes back into the Church. Orthodox catholics of most stripes will welcome them back as allies, believing that the Church desperately needs their help. I believe it has been Pope Benedict's dream all along to bring them back. As Cardinal Ratzinger, he is reported to have wept when Archbishop Lefebvre did his last minute volte face one Roman morning all those years ago. If at this late hour he still can't heal this rift and he can't get these dissenters into line, his papacy, as I suggested last night, will be regarded as a waste of time. However it the Church continues down its present road......well it doesn't bear thinking about.

No time for more today.

With my prayers that our Holy Father may have the best of possible birthdays in these difficult circumstances.


Genty said...

My prayers, too. I feel this is some kind of watershed for the Catholic Church.

Jane said...

So do I Genty, so do I.

God bless and thank you for your loyal and continues readerhsip.

Sadie Vacantist said...

I am hearing rumours that many of the SSPX clergy will not come over and that poor Fellay simply can't deliver them to Rome.

I am wondering if Fellay should come over in any event (with "his supporters") and then the Church can reset the negotiations with a new superior. There is a risk that he will sink without trace within the conciliar Church of course plus there will be painful discussion in respect of property and money during the subsequent divorce with the others.

The key is ultimately an Ordinariate plus financial autonomy which the Anglicans don't have for example. How much property can be salvaged by those coming over will also be crucial.

Jane said...

SV: Thank you for this comment, the contents of which do not surprise me at all. As I said earlier an Ordinariate is the only acceptable option even for + Fellay and his 'supporters'.

On va voir.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
You know my opinion of the SSPX. They are a thorn in the side of the One, HOly, Catholic and Apostolic Church. And they seem to enjoy being different. If they don't want to accept the Holy See, then let them just disappear into obscurity and stop hovering on the fringes of the Church. THey have caused enough heartache to our beloved Holy Father, Pope Benedict. Let them be outlawed as heretics! Mary

Jane said...

Dear Mary,

We will have to agree to disagree! However I beg you not to dismiss the SSPX under this blanket generalisation, and ask you to remember that it seems clear that Pope Benedict himself wants to see them 'back on board'.
Love and prayers always,