Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snatch of conversation from a near perfect marriage

Tonight in St Romain:
 Me to my husband: ' Why do I still love you? I must be mad!'

Response from husband: ' Stay with me. I married you because I was sick of sane people.'

(It sounded to me as if he intended 'sane' to be in inverted commas. It made me very happy.  I can  do with any amount of this madness.)


umblepie said...

Nice one Jane. Something vaguely familiar about those sentiments.

Genty said...

What a lovely vignette of a marriage of true minds. It's made my day.
It's mad, counter-cultural people who preserve us all. They refuse to go along with the "wisdom" of crowds.
Against the tide of current mores, they keep insisting that black is black and red is red. Fools.
Fools for Christ.

Jane said...

I must admit that the phrase, 'fools for Christ' leapt into my head last night. Glad you both liked it. Nice to have a blog where I could share it.

Annie said...

Lovely, Jane :D