Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lefebvrians: One step closer to Rome ...and to a division?

Lefebvrians: One step closer to Rome ...and to a division?

'Rome Reports' is very useful, but I am infuriated with this presentation, particularly from the French journalist de Mounier of 'La Croix'.. Same old stuff and I'm afraid an unforgiveable misrepresentation of the truth. Apart from anything else, you would think from what he says, that the SSPX only exists in France, that it is some kind of minute monarchist movement.. But then La Croix is run by the French bishops Conference, but am I wrong? As Claude Rains famously said, 'Round up the usual suspects.'.


Richard Collins said...

Jane - many, many thanks from both of us. I tried emailing you but it bounced back.
God bless.

Hugh said...


No such movement.

The SSPX is a Traditional Roman Catholic Confraternity.

Any other label is the result of either ignorance, contempt for or utter dislike of The Society.

Jane said...


'Lefebvrians' is a deliberately misleading media construct. Many reasons for its use and I suspect most of these conceal, and at the same time convey, emnity to the Society and the idea of its reconciliation.

I am not SSPX but deplore this kind of manipulation.