Saturday, November 24, 2012

According to Sandro Magister, it's the entrenchment of Msgr Ganswein and partial downfall of Ingrid Stampa

For details see Magister's post today at 'Notzie Analisi. Link to his post at bottom of sidebar here.
Follow appropriate links for English version of the post, 'Fr Georg Secretary. Confirmed.'
Apart from the fact that Dr. Stampa has been denied access to the Papal apartment since the Gabriele scandal, it emerges that there is at least one serious error of translation in the Italian version of the Holy Father's latest book, over which she apparently had oversight. As always though, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. The mistake is such that it is hardly credible as having been comitted by a person of her academic reputation and publishing experience. It almost looks like a deliberate 'plant'..

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Anonymous said...

It should have been entrenchment of Ingrid Stampa and total downfall of Msgr Gaenswein. He should go and Msgr Xuareb [a lovely gentleman] should be the Pope's close secretary - much more suitable.