Friday, November 16, 2012

Placido Domingo-The gold and silver waltz.mp4

Dancing with my Grandfather:

I need to cheer myself up today and so I share this happy memory, in my case much more memorable than Luther Vandross', 'Dancing with my Father'. The gold and Silver Waltz.....................

It takes me back to a Sunday morning in my early adolescence. My Grandfather lived with us at the time. My parents had gone out for a drink at the club. My mother would return first, to finish cooking Sunday lunch. and my father would stay on for a while to enjoy a game or two of snooker. Grandpa and I  were  left alone together. The unspoken assumption was that we would look after each other and keep each other occupied. The law against leaving minors unattended was thus observed. I don't know whose idea it was to put 'the Gold and Silver Waltz' on the record player. I think it was mine, but it was he who suggested we should dance,. with all the courtly gravity and grace of his generation. The record was a single made by the Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir John Barbirolli. I still have it and I only have to see it to be reminded of this incident with my 'Grandpa' whom I loved dearly..

Our sitting room was large, and there was plenty of room to dance. So there we were happily waltzing together and leaving unsaid any complaint about being left at home with each other. They were moments of  uncomplicated happiness, such that I have rarely known since.That music is so poignant to me. It was then, and is even more so now. If I close my eyes I am dancing with him still. When I open them, it is always to thank God for this happy memory, for the security of my childhood and to pray for the soul of my grandfather.  


pelerin said...

What a beautiful memory you have of your grandfather Jane and how lucky you are to be able to relive it with this music.

I never knew any of my grandparents - they all died either before or shortly after my birth - and as a grandparent myself now I realise what I missed in not having had such a relationship.

(Apologies if this has registered twice - I pushed the wrong button first and am not sure if it printed or not!)

Jane said...

Thanks for your comment Pelerin. I know how fortunate I am to have known 3 or my grandparents. My paternal grandfather died of peritonitis the year before I was born.

I'm so glad you are now a Grandmother.

God bless always,

Anonymous said...

Jane, I have just listened to this beautiful music while reading your story of your precious times with your beloved grandfather. I must tell you that in my own life my "Grampy" was the apple of my eye, the one I always ran to, on whose lap I sat. But I fear he probably had two left feet and I don't think he ever danced.
Bless you for this joyful memory and for the knowledge that we can pray for their souls.
Mary xxxx

Jane said...

Bless you Mary and thanks for your understanding comment.

Genty said...

Oh, how this has triggered the memories of my parents teaching us to dance in our sitting room. For anyone under 40, that's ballroom dancing where boys and girls actually got up close rather than doing their own thing on the dance floor.
Hearing certain standards on the radio always takes me back to those days of two left feet until you "got it".
Lovely post, Jane.