Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I recently received this report from my dear friend Mrs Pat Greene, a member of St John Fisher parish in Birmingham, England.

"Spiritual Mothers

During the 'Year of the Priest', a small group of mothers in Birmingham, formed themselves into a group of 'Spiritual Mothers of Priests'. Since then, inspired by that legacy, they continued to pray for Priests . On Saturday mornings they attend Holy Mass and pray the Rosary during Eucharistic Adoration. They focus on one Priest each week taking his name from the Diocesan Directory of Priests.

In a recent development the Spiritual Mothers have extended this initiative to include the children of the local primary school. The move was a cautious one, but the children have responded extremely receptively to the idea of becoming a 'Spiritual Friend' to a Priest of their choice. To support them, the children have been given a small  card bearing the words

FATHER (appropriate name filled in)

Each Monday tow of the Spiritual Mothers visit the school fifteen minutes before the end of the children's lunch break. The children are invited to waive the their remaining break time in order to pray a decade of the Rosary for Priests.One Mystery of the Rosary is used each week as a focus for thinking about the role of the  Priest.

The response has been so  overwhelming that because of limited accommodation, it has become necessary to alternate Infants and Juniors each week. The enthusiasm of the children is mostly attributable to the excellent guidance and encouragement of the school's RE coordinator who makes all the internal arrangements and herself joins in the group

The Spiritual Mothers are quietly optimistic that the children will continue their enthusiasm and will perhaps encourage members of their families to become a 'spiritual friend of a Priest'.

The prayers of little children are heard loud and clear - they have a direct line to heaven.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for all children
Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for all priests.

P. Greene"

Oasis comment.

Thanks and congratulations to Pat and her group of Spiritual Mothers for the instigation of these initiatives.
It's a wonderful idea, not least because these 'Spiritual Mothers' are carrying out their motherhood in several ways, not the least because they are doing a naturally motherly thing, in helping children to care for their priests. In a parish one can see all sorts of advantages coming as a result of the children's involvement. I hope more schools will adopt the idea. God bless the children and  the adults involved in their support.

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mary gannon kaufmann said...

Dear Jane,
We are having a retreat for spiritual motherhood of priests. It's an online, interactive retreat for spiritual mothers in Advent, called "Becoming a Life-giving Woman." It will be on Dec. 12, from 12-1 PM CST, which would be 7 PM your time I think. For information go to and the registration page. We also have a new blog on spiritual motherhood of priests and discipleship for the Year of Faith. At http:/?
Mary Gannon Kaufmann