Monday, November 12, 2012

Husband falls again but unhurt

It was not a fainting fit as last time, but I had to get our English neighbour to lift him up again. No injuries save shock and fright. Please pray for us.

God bless all here.


Dorothy B said...

Prayers are continuing for both of you, and for the sale of your house if that is what you are still hoping for.

God bless,
Dorothy B

Jane said...

Dorothy: thank you so much for your kind message and prayers. Yes we still hope to sell but nothing doing so far. Lots of viewers, but no sale. We have probably had it until next Spring.
Love and prayers

Genty said...

You are both in my prayers every night. God Bless.

Jane said...

Genty: My deep gratitude for your kind prayers.
God bless,