Sunday, November 4, 2012

Worrying about Westminster

I usually agree with Dr Oddie in the Catholic Herald and respect his views even if I don't ALWAYS agree with them. This time, on the subject of what the CDF will do about ++Nichols and the Soho Masses, he seems to think that Prefect Muller is going to get tough on this issue and as a result, will let ++ Nichols 'off the hook'. If the CDF Prefect DOES  react like that, surely he will call down on himself and his dicastery,  the wrath of the 'gay lobby'. He will be the new 'rottweiler'. And then our Vin will be able to say, 'Well you see these Roman types. It is no fault of mine.' Why should Muller dig Archbishop Nichols out of this. For no good reason that I can see. It Nichols' problem and he must face it fair and square, and not hope to be let off the hook by anyone in Rome.. Many say that Nichols is a careerist.  That is corroborated by the fact that some of the bishops of England and Wales wrote to Rome to complain about his ambition just before he was chosen for our premier see. In any case we see now that careerism is not a holy characteristic and does not lead to, dare I say it, the 'common good'.

Of course I have to admit finally that Archbishop Nichols seems to me to be one of those who is 'sitting out the pontificate' , praying for the time when there will be another more 'liberal' Pope'. and then he will have his red hat.. Personally, I cannot believe that is the catholic thing to do and my heart bleeds at the thought of it..

Dr Oddie end his article by saying that he hopes ++Nichols will be elevated to the cardinalate within a couple of years. To that I say, Lord, give us all courage and strength..

Prayers for all concerned.


Genty said...

Couldn't agree more.
I thought it couldn't get much worse after CMOC. What false optimism.
A reward for moral cowardice would be a devastating blow to English Catholicism.

Sixupman said...

The book by Canon Sheehan: "Luke Delmege" deals with the issue of careerism.


In terms of your comment:

"And then our Vin will be able to say, 'Well you see these Roman types. It is no fault of mine."

You are spot on. Archbishop Nichols must sort this mess out himself once and for all.