Friday, February 27, 2009

Lenten Examination of Blogscience: results.


Results in the form of commandments addressed to self - they apply to mine own blogs and to commenting on other people's:

1. Thou shalt not blog if it would interfere with thy Lenten regime of prayer and penance. (Work for ITSOA counts as prayerful study and is allowed.)

2. Thou shalt not blog just for the sake of it, or if someone else has already blogged it. (Thou shalt blog a funny post only on Laetare Sunday)

3. Thou shalt not blog in a harshly critical manner about 'thy neighbour'.

4. Thou shalt not blog on the Sabbath day, except for ITSOA posts and Laetare Sunday as at 2 above.

5. Thou shalt blog in order to promote prayer and to comfort and help others. (This includes music and poetry and other spiritual writing.)

6. Thou shalt not blog argumentatively unless Holy Mother Church, His Holiness Pope Benedict, or Christ's little ones are under attack.

7. Thou shalt not blog in self-justification or promotion.

8. Thou shalt blog in promotion of any rational initiative to support thy Holy Father Pope Benedict and his faithful bishops and priests.

9. Thou shalt not blog if the time could be spent performing a spiritual or corporal work of mercy close to home.

10. Thou shalt print this off and pin it above thy desk as a constant reminder of thy intentions.

God bless all here for a holy and fruitful Lent.



umblepie said...

An excellent Lenten 'blogolution' Jane, but surely all of these points really should apply at all times, not just during Lent. The only exception being the reference to 'Laetare Sunday' which wouldn't clearly apply to any other time of year. Thank you for this salutary reminder, mea culpa!

Jane said...

Dear Brian,

I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. Please pray that by Easter Sunday these first principles will have become more of a second nature to me! Mea culpa!


Fiona said...

Heh, heh. Love it.:) Let's just hope I can stick to it ....

Jane said...


I thought you were doing! Let's hope I can!

Love and God bless,

Adrienne said...

Excellent reminder - thanks

Mulier Fortis said...

LOL Jane.

Anonymous said...

Very Benedictine, dear Jane. Thank you.