Saturday, May 16, 2009

EWTN: Live coverage from Westminster

The Installation of Archbishop Vincent Nichols at Westminster will be covered live by EWTN on May 21st Ascension Day.

They will also cover the Papal Masses from Monte Cassino on Sunday 24th and from Rome on Corpus Christi THURSDAY.

Kto will cover the Vespers from Monte Cassino as well as the Mass. They are sticking to Notre Dame for Ascension Day which is rather unimaginative since apart from European Catholic concerns of solidarity, the French musical world stands in admiration of English Cathedral music and there will be Palestrina and new pieces by MacMillan.

No complaints though.


Anonymous said...

EWTN doesn't have it listed in the schedule available on Sky satellite, however, BBC2 will also be covering the Installation Mass. God bless you, Jane.

Jane said...

No Mark it doesn't, but if you click Television on the main EWTN home page menu, you will see it there, with a photo of Archbishop N. to boot! It perhaps isn't in the already published schedules because they hadn't fixed it at that point. Anyway we'll see, or not, as the case may be. BBC is OK but think I'd rather have a safely Catholic commentary from EWTN if at all possible!

God bless,