Friday, May 8, 2009

Husband in hospital: no blogging for at least two days

My husband Colin is in Girac (Angouleme) hospital with badly fractured femur; taken there by emergency services (the SAMU - excellent as always) at 3am this morning; operation tomorrow; of your charity PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM.

Mane nobiscum, Domine. Salus infirmorum, ora pro nobis.



Mulier Fortis said...

Prayers for you all...

Jane Teresa said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Jane. You are both in my prayers.

Fiona said...

Good grief! What happened? You are both in my prayers.

Jane said...

Mac, Jane Teresa and Fiona:

Thanks so much for your prayers and comments. Long operation begun at 10am this morning; still asleep when I phoned the hosp. at 6pm. They said it went well. Friends are taking me to see him tomorrow noon.

How did it happen? Suffice to say, something to do with male insistence on taking trousers off whilst standing up. I thought it was just my stubborn Colin until I learned from several male friends last night, including a priest, that this absurd and dangereous habit is common amongst them! What, as we say, are they like!?

I promise that the words, 'That'll larn you' or 'I told you so', will not pass my lips.

Thanks again,

pelerin said...

Dear Jane - do hope you received my email yesterday (am still having problems with it).

I used to tell my husband off for doing just that. Apparently that is why when hospitals list the most dangerous causes of accidents, Trousers, Pyjamas and Socks come high up.

I have always made a point of sitting down for this procedure - having had 'funny'feet all my life and not being able to balance on one leg gave me no alternative!

Shall remember you both tomorrow when I am in Tyburn.

Jane said...


Yes, I did, and was just about to answer! Will now do.

God bless,

Clare A said...

Oh how awful - just back from India and got the news aboiut Colin. Of course I will pray for a speedy recovery.

leutgeb said...

Very sorry to hear about your husband's accident.

Prayers assured.

Jane said...


Thanks for the assurance of prayers. Much needed.

He is still heavily sedated after the op. The nurse told me he probably won't be properly conscious until Tuesday.

btw I liked your post about Friday afternoons. Exactly my experience!

All best,

Annie said...

Hope everything's going well, love and prayers!

Jane said...



Will try to email you tomorrow evening when I get back from the hospital. They had to give more blood today as he is still losing a lot.

Mane nobiscum, Domine.


umblepie said...

Jane, Sorry to learn of your husbands accident. Remembered daily in our prayers. Brian.