Friday, May 1, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI ('The Glory of the Olives'), to plant "roots of peace" in Beit Hanassi

This story comes from yesterday's Jerusalem Post. Together with President Shimon Peres, our Holy Father will plant an olive tree 'in a stretch of ground that has been designatedas as a peace garden'.

In future, all world leaders visiting the garden will be asked to do likewise. so that 'world peace will symbolically take root.'

In Malachy's prophecies, Benedict XVI is assumed to be the penultimate Pope with the motto 'Glory of the Olives'. There is some poignancy in the fact that if world leaders do comply with the tree planting request, there will eventually be a grove of olives, thus fulfilling the prophecy down to the last pluralising letter of the motto. Whether one takes Malachy's prophecies seriously or not, such a grove would be a fitting memorial to Our Holy Father. May he gloriously reign for many years yet!

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