Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Aspersion and Mass of the Holy Innocents, as they might have been conducted in Mexico City Cathedral 28.12.1656

Radio 3 broadcast a reconstruction of this liturgy as part of a ten part series over the Christmas Octave in 1984.
I have it on tape somewhere and am looking for it. Also in my library is the 72 page background booklet that the BBC published at the time. As I remember, apart from Plainchant the music used was by Lopez (1612-c.1674)
I will revisit this whole topic during the Holy Father's imminent visit to Mexico and post the results. I am afraid that he is highly unlikely to hear music of this ilk, the best efforts of Mons. Guido Marini notwithstanding. Of course one would be overjoyed to be proved wrong. In the meantime I see that there is an article in the booklet entitled 'A Constant Liturgy as a Force against Dissolution and Decay'.

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Rubricarius said...

What a wonderful series it was too! It was reapeated c.1988 but never again which is very sad as it was excellent.

I also have the booklet and you are quite right about the music for the Holy Innocents: Francisco Lopez y Capillas.