Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Next post: Some 'Laetare' music on Sunday.

Meanwhile, snowed under with housework neglected whilst I was writing, and several other unexpected domestic pressures. Publisher has asked for blurb details and other PR assistance which I've promised them on Monday next. Fell over a draught excluder last week and cracked a rib. A 'relais' Mass here at St Romain tomorrow evening, at which I'll pray for you all, and a 'Penitential Service' (which includes individual Confessions) at Maumont Abbey on Saturday afternoon.
Have been told that Mons. Marini was on a prelim. visit to Mexico over the weekend which explained his absence from Saturday's Papal Vespers at SanGregorio.. (h/t to my commenter Mary) Fr Mark and Br. Benedict are still staying with Fr Hogan but will 'shortly' move into Stamullen Priory which from Father's account needs a lot of work doing to it. I know you will continue to pray for them..

God bless all here

In Christo pro Papa


Annie said...

Ouch! Hope you are on the mend!

Jane said...

Thanks Annie -erm - are we talking about the rib or the Saturday Confession?! A Hail Mary for both please!


Annie said...

You've got them! :D xx

Jane said...

God bless you Annie. Warmly reciprocated!