Monday, March 5, 2012

GRACIE FIELDS - 'The Biggest Aspidistra In The World' - 1938 78rpm

Sorry about the wartime 'gloss' at the end ,but that's the way it was in those days.


Richard Collins said...

She was also a favourite of Alice Thomas Ellis's. Some of her lesser known work is quite thoughtful, ATE's Gracie Fields choice on Desert Island Discs was about a ghost left haunting a house (metaphorically, that is).
God bless, Jane.

Jane said...

Thanks Richard. Yes, got the ATE novel upstairs that has a feature in it about the 'haunted house'. Can't remember which one now, but then I'm currently a bit 'distraite' I do so much appreciate your quiet accompaniament on this recent part of my journey. Text finished, just needs a final check and hope to forward it to publisher on Thursday.
God bless,