Monday, February 1, 2010

Annulment: Interim response to your comments and emails

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to send these in.

So far they come from two major groups. First there are those of you who are in almost total ignorance of the Annulment process and who would welcome more information. Theirs is a sincere and definitely not an idle curiosity. Second there are those who have been badly hurt by their experience of how the Church deals with these cases, particularly in the USA. These souls have been deeply and permanently injured by it, to the extent of bitter denunciation and rejection of the Church, her bishops, canon lawyers and the Pope.

I wish to answer the first group as far as I'm able, but the fact that my own experience took place in the UK, does not qualify me to speak on the experiences of commenters from the USA. I can however let readers know the perceptions of people in this second group. On the whole, I think the matter should be thoroughly aired and only one commenter out of 17 so far thinks that I shouldn't open it on my blog. My intention is to wait at least another week to allow time for more comments/emails before posting again on the subject. Aside from that, I need to study what the Pope said to the Roman Rota and to dig out the folder containing all my own annulment correspondence, depositions etc. in order to make sure that everything I may say is completely accurate. Please pray for all commenters, and for me, as I continue to pray and deliberate about what to do.

A special note for 'another anonymous'. I would publish your comment except that I cannot, for reasons connected with the dedication of this blog, see description in banner under the blog title, and my own oath which appears in the sidebar. I would however, with your permission, be willing to quote your experience in any eventual posts on the annulment process. I would much appreciate your response by email at:

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