Saturday, February 13, 2010

Defend the Pope's visit to England: Pray the Rosary this afternoon

Thanks to the two commenters who have corrected me about the timing of the demo. described below. It will take place, tomorrow Sunday 14 February and not today as stated here. Never mind, we can never pray the Rosary often enough! C. and I will do again tomorrow exactly as we did today!

At 1pm today Catholics will gather peacefully ourside Westminster Cathedral to pray a silent Rosary in the face of demonstrators against Pope Benedict's forthcoming visit to England. Within the next hour, if we still lived in London, Colin and I would be taking the short bus ride down Buckingham Palace Road in order to be present. As it is, we will pray the Rosary together, here in our French home and in spirit will be with our Catholic brothers and sisters. We are praying that they will fill the Piazza. This is an opportunity not only to stand up for the Pope, but also for our Faith and for the Church of Christ. If you can't get there, please pray the Rosary this afternoon.

If you go, please let me know what happened via the combox. We do not have UK TV and in any case there is no guarantee that the event will make the news today.

Father Mildew has suggested that 'Full in the panting heart of Rome' be sung. I think 'Faith of Our Fathers' would be more appropriate!

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us.

In Christo pro Papa


Geoff Callister said...

I think you'll find the anti-Papal demonstration is Sunday 14th (at 1pm) rather than today, Saturday 13th. Still, it should be even more effective to pray the rosary on both days!
See Fr Ray Blake's blog at:
and follow the embedded link for more details.

Londiniensis said...

It's not today, it's on SUNDAY. See their announcement on their Facebook page

Jane said...

Thank you both for the correction. We'll be at it again tomorrow!!I'll edit the post.