Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on kto tv and EWTN.

Both these channels will broadcast live coverage of the Holy Father's Mass in St. Peter's Basilica at 9.30am UK time on Thursday, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and World Day of prayer for the sick. EWTN will repeat the broadcast at 11.30pm UK time. EWTN has also scheduled documentary programmes on Lourdes, one on the Feast itself and another on Saturday February 13th.

This evening a relic of Saint Bernadette will arrive at the Roman Basilica of St. Mary Major for veneration by the faithful ahead of the Feast. When I last looked Vatican Radio was saying that Thursday is St Bernadette's Feast. Does this mean that in the Diocese of Rome, she shares the day with Our Lady of Lourdes, February 11th being the anniversary of the day when Our Blessed Mother first appeared to her?

When Bernadette was canonised in 1933 her feast day was set for February 18. I can vouch for the statement on Wikipedia that this date is still kept in France. It's a custom I favour because it is so close to Our Lady of Lourdes. However Wikipedia also states that everywhere else in the Church, St Bernadette is commemorated on April 16, the Anniversary of her death.

I pray to her on many days of the year, but speciffically on April 16 for Pope Benedict on his birthday.

St. Bernadette does not appear at all in the calendar at the front of the 'new' English Breviary (1974). This would indicate that she is not listed in our National Calendar which I feel is a very sad omission.


pelerin said...

I notice that in my English Catholic diary St Bernadette is indeed down for the 16th April whereas on my French calendar her feast day is the 18th February. How I wish the dates of all Feast Days in the Universal Church would be on the same days especially of course those of the great feasts. At least Our Lady of Lourdes is on the same day in both countries.

By the way what has happened to KTO - the sound is there but the picture is a delicate shade of pink and green 'scrambled' like one of those 3D pics of old where you are asked if you can see anything there. (In this case the answer is no I can't see anything!) Have tried a couple of videos from the kto file as well but no luck there either. Is it just me?!

Jane said...


I had no trouble with kto this morning. The Holy Father definely did not look like a pink and green cubist painting! I think you must have had some glitch in the system.

There were two full size grand pianos on the platform, one at his extreme left and the other at the right. I hoped he was going to play a little Mozart for us, but no. Sigh....! The commentary didn't refer to them either. Perhaps there's a recital later today.

pelerin said...

Thanks Jane - it must be me. The still pages of kto are there giving details but that's it. Had fancied watching one of the videos this afternoon - it is bitter outside with a light snow covering this morning.

pelerin said...

Still no picture on kto - pretty pink and yellow stripes now. Looks like a Battenberg cake! Perhaps that's where some of the designers of modern vestments get their ideas from!

Had a look at the 'Jour du Seigneur' site and found the kto video I was looking for was on that site with perfect picture. Had hoped to watch kto tomorrow morning as it looks as if the weather will prevent me from getting to Mass.