Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vespers Hymn for the Sundays of Lent

Audi Benigne Conditor:

(near English translation from St. Andrew Daily Missal 1962)

Audi, benigne Conditor, nostras preces cum fletibus,
Thou loving Maker of mankind, before Thy throne we pray and weep!
In hoc sacro ieiunio fusas quadragenario.
Oh, strengthen us with grace divine duly this sacred Lent to keep.

Scrutator alme cordium, infirma tu scis virium
Searcher of hearts! Thou dost our ills discern and all our weakness know.
Ad te reversis exhibe remissionis gratiam
Again to Thee with tears we turn, again to us Thy mercy show.

Multum quidem peccavimus, sed parce confitentibus:
Much have we sinned; but we confess our guilt, and all our faults deplore:
Ad nominis laudem tui confer medelam languidis
Oh, for the praise of Thy great name our fainting souls to health restore!

Concede nostrum conteri corpus per abstinentiam; culpae et relinquant pabulum
And grant us, while by fasts we strive this mortal body to control,
Ieiuna corda criminum.
To fast from all the food of sin, and so to purify the soul.

Praesta, beata Trinitas, concede simplex Unitas;
Hear us, O Trinity thrice blest! Sole Unity! to Thee we cry:
Ut fructuosa sint tuis ieiuniorum munera
Vouchsafe us from these fasts below to reap immortal fruit on high.

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