Monday, April 4, 2011

News of Father George Byers, formerly a chaplain in Lourdes

A grateful mantilla twitch to Mac at Mulier Fortis for sharing news of a development in the focus of Father's priestly vocation. He is now a hermit and has a new blog. Link to the blog for more details and for Father's email address. (Permanent link in my bloglist here.)


Richard Collins said...

I had the privilege of serving his sung Mass in the Basilica one Sunday. It was a great occasion for me if somewhat daunting.

pelerin said...

Delighted to know that Fr Byers has a new blog. How I missed reading the one he wrote when he was in Lourdes with all those magnificent photographs. Too tired to read it now as I have just got back from France but will look forward to reading it when I recover!