Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unless there is any late mishap I AM GOING TO ROME!

After this post I hope to be silent, (apart from music clips) until the afternoon of Easter day.
In the meantime, here's my news. In view of all the difficulties and the feared impossibility of getting things sorted at such short notice, it's very hard to believe that my Guardian Angel has not been extremely active over the past several days.

First of all, I simply could not have cleaned up the blog so effectively and solved various technical problems without Mac's help. Sorry Mac, I just have to hand it to you. Thank you so much. And I see that the PCCS has been having a look too. When they see this post they'll wish they'd invited you as wellas, or instead of me!! We'd make a fine pair if we were there together, you with a crutch and me with my walking stick.
(Changes to the blog were not made because of the'invitation'. They would have been made anyway and were indeed part of 'God's little providences.' in advance.)

Now, here are the bare bones of what has been achieved since my last post, and quite against all rational hope:
1. Have managed to book two DIRECT flights with Al Italia/Air France. Have to stay until May 4 to take advantage of the direct flight offer and its cheapness.
2. The hotel booking problems just melted away. A friend gave me a  link to and there I found an hotel in the Via della Cava Aurelia, five minutes walk from St. Peter's Basilica and the Palazzo Pio X where the 'meeting is to be held. I would think I was dreaming if I didn't have the print out of reservation confirmation in my fevered fingers. (Actually I'm calming down now that everything is fixed.)
3. Both of the above deals are substantially less than I expected to pay.


Convenor, I won't forget the Year for Nuns.

Have a blessed Sacred Tridumm everyone. I know you will all be reflecting upon the Holy Father's catechesis at this morning's Audience. I was somwhat distracted, as you can imagine, but he calmed me with his emphases on accepting the will of God in our lives and on the necessity of being in constant Vigil.

The minute I have signed off, I will remember something else I wanted to say. Until Easter then,

God protect and strengthen Pope Benedict , and may He bless all here.

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A Reluctant Sinner said...

Excellent news!

Look forward to meting you ;-)