Friday, April 29, 2011

To travel hopefully: ...............Rome 2011

As you will know, R.L.Stevenson maintained that 'to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive'.  I have always agreed with his sentment,  but on the eve of my first ever Roman pilgrimage I pray that he and I will both be proved wrong.

I leave here on Saturday at 10am and should arrive at the Hotel Gravina San Pietro sometime during the afternoon of that day. I will be there until the morning of May 4 and during that time you can message me via email at

Seasoned pilgrims to Rome might ask themselves why this old girl is making such a fuss about her first  pilgimage there. But I know my friends understand and I thank them all for the encouragemtnt and support they have given me over the last few days.

I'm sure that other anglophone bloggers will post their impressions of the PCCS blogmeet before I can. Returning on May 4 , I will post reflectively as soon as possible after that date.

With my plea for your prayers and the promise of mine for you,

In Chrito pro Papa


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