Thursday, August 4, 2011

Abbe Laguerie (IBP) inaugurates new traditional foundation In Lourdes

See Gloria TV in sidebar. Good news for France; good news for the Universal Church. Of course the 'happy-clappies' will say that the congregation looks miserable. And well they might look miserably downcast after the havoc that has been wrought over the last half century. No, they are serious; they are concentrated; they are engaged and they are 'participating'! I've read repeatedly over recent years that the Lourdes  'authorities' whoever they may be, have worked against the Latin Mass and that it's difficult to find one there, in spite of 'Summorum Pontificum' Well, now we will see..

I am not one of those who thinks that it is desirable or even possible that the Church should return to exclusive use of the 'Old Mass'. But when our Holy Father tells us clearly what he thinks, then we should listen and act accordingly..Those who have attempted to make sure that Catholics are not privy to his thought should be ashamed of themselves.

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Julia Ashenden said...

Terrific to have the unity of a Latin Mass if it ever happens in Lourdes. Currently each nationality has its own Mass...or there's the option of the "International" Mass which is more like a peep into a controlled sort of Babel. These Masses take ages because every language has to have its turn for every prayer.
When I first went Lourdes in the early 1960s there was no division by language or nationality. The Mass was in Latin and therefore truly universal (catholic) with all nationalities attending.
Good luck to the Abbe Laguerie.