Friday, August 19, 2011

Ave Maria - Tomás Luis de Victoria

In celebration of the Holy Father's meeting with Spain's young University Professors at the Escorial Monastery of Saint Laurence this morning. It certainly beat last September's Strawberry Hill gathering into a three cornered hat!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Jane! Listening to Victoria's music always seems to straighten out this mangled world. And that's one of my favourite paintings!

Hoka Mary

Jane said...

I think our Holy Father feels the same, at any rate according to Fr Lombardi he was close to tears during the singing of the 'O vos omnes' at the end of the Via Crucis.

Anonymous said...

I think our beloved Holy Father was close to tears several times. He was overwhelmed by the joy he gave to the young people, by their ecstatic welcome. This man in his white socks and red shoes has "It"! Thank God for Joseph Ratzinger!!!!!!

Mary Hoka