Monday, August 22, 2011

Complain to the BBC about its 'coverage' of WYD in Madrid

Like Fr Blake I do not pay the fee. I don't even listen to Radio 4. I only know what the BBC is up to from reports on the Internet. Everyone who reads this blog must already be informed enough to know that the Corporation follows an anti-Christian, anti-Cathollic agenda. As Fr Blake also says, it probably won't make the slightest bit of difference, but it is our urgent duty to register a complaint. Here is the address, given to me by 'Et Expecto' in my combox this evening:


Annie said...

I've complained, it was very cathartic! But you're right, Jane, one look at the first line and they'll probably delete them.

Jane said...

They would be very foolish to delete anything. (I trust you have kept a record.)I think there will be many other complaints apart from ours.
Courage and God bless,

Anonymous said...

What coverage??? There was one mention and a bit of film about the protest....and that was it. Yes, I do pay my licence fee, because apparently even if I only had EWTN [which is a temptation], I would still have to pay the licence fee!!!! I was glued to EWTN throughout WYD. Where would I be without EWTN? In a vacuum.

Hoka Mary

Jane said...

That's why I put coverage in inverted commas!
As one blogger said, it was all down to Catholic bloggers and the good old Catholic Herald. (Where were the bishops of E & W?)I watched it all on kto this time. The commentary is so much more knowlegeable about European culture.I'll probably do the same for Germany and revert to EWTN for Benin

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
I admit EWTN is totally American and can be cringe-making at times, but there is no British Catholic channel. I'm so grateful for EWTN and especially grateful to Mother Angelica. Some of the commentators at Papal events get things wrong, especially the names of vestments and I do correct them to the television - not that they can hear!
Love, Mary Hoka xxxxx