Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Archbishop Nichols speaks about the London riots

Thanks to Damian Thompson's 'Holy Smoke' for the link he gives to the Indpendent Catholic News site.
I am sincerely grateful that Archbishop Nichols has called Catholics to prayer. However, with all due respect I have to disagree with him that the riots and lootings  'show how easily basic principles of respect and honesty are cast aside'. No, your Grace, they have not been cast aside easily. It has taken nearly half a century of liberalism in both state education and in the Church for us to reach this pass. The erosion has been gradual but nonetheless bitingly effective. It began whilst I was being trained as a teacher at the beginning of the 1960s and I have watched it get worse and worse ever since, so that now in context of both education and faith it is thought unsuitable to mention concepts such as authority, obedience, discipline and self-control. I will not go into the role the Church has played in carrying our this destructive ideological agenda. Down that road lies the argument about Vatican II and the 'interpretation ' of its documents.

In any case it's time to do as Archbishop Nichols has asked, and for the Novena Rosary and prayer for Ireland.

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Richard Collins said...

Agree totally.

Jane said...

Thanks Richard. I'm not surprised at your agreement. Actually you were at the back of my mind as I typed this post.I think we're more or less the same age and that in itself is quite important. But then ++Vin is of our generation. Where the dickens has he been all his life and ours?

== +Vin is of our generation.

Jane said...

Answer: At the knee of Worlock, learning how to get on in the Church. But that of course was pre-Benedict. Things are very different now and thank God for that.