Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mons. Guido Marini - The Papal Master of Ceremonies [of Pope Benedict XVI]

A special thank you to Monsignor Guido Marini and Monsignor Konrad Krajewski for their tireless and devoted service to the Sacred Liturgy and to the Holy Father, particularly during the recent WYD.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane, Thank you so much for putting the spotlight on these magnificent men. Msgr Marini is aptly suited to lead the Office of Liturgical Celebrations and is returning the Papal Masses to the solemnity and splendour for which we all prayed. Monsignor Konrad Krajewski is an extremely well-qualified liturgist and is now an official of the Liturgical Office as well as being an assistant Papal Master of Ceremonies. He and Msgr Marini work so well together and seem to enjoy each other's company too.
May I put in a plug here for my Mons Konrad Krajewski Fan Club on Facebook? It's a serious page with information and many photographs.

Love, Mary Hoka

Jane said...

Plug welcome Mary. How do I reach the page? I think I registered when you first started it, but as you know I'm not all that keen on Facebook.

Yes they do work well together. I read somewhere today that Mgr Marini's is a five year appointment. I trust it will be renewed. Or perhaps Mgr K is being perpared to take over. I'd think it unlikely though since Mgr Marini is the younger of the two.

Dorothy B said...

Ah, so that's his name! Very pleased you published it. He seems an excellent assistant to Mgr Marini, and has a very nice, warm smile.

Genty said...

Oh, yes. Chalk me up as a fan of these two splendid priests.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
This isn't a comment, it's an SOS ! Please send messages to my Facebook messaging service, as my email program has crashed. I read your first mail [all noted and am cogitating on it!], now I'll send you a message on Facebook.
Love, Mary

Jane said...

Mary: I don't know what's up. I'd just sent you a mail when this comment came through. I'll try to sort it out after supper.